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Your Contacts

The Contacts system in Plotbot lets you keep tabs on friends you've invited, and other Plotbotters, be they co-conspirators on your latest heist film or just people whose screenwriting you find particularly interesting.

From your home page, you can click over and see what you're contacts are up to (but only on their Public projects and Shared Private projects - at no time can a member see another member's Private projects without being a member of that project first). In the near future, you'll be able to leave public or private messages for any of your contacts, and will be able to easily invite your contacts as you set up new projects.

How to add a contact

If you like someone's work, follow their icon back to their profile page. There, you'll see a link that asks "Would you like to add this person as a contact?"

Once you've requested to add someone as a contact, they'll get an email letting them know, and you'll show up in their contact queue, where they can choose to reciprocate the relationship by clicking "Add," or decide they prefer being all by themselves by clicking "Remove."

Your Contacts Queue

On your profile page, you'll see up to four mini-sections for contacts:

Contact Requests

If anyone has requested you as a contact, you can add or remove them here. And if you decide you don't want to be their contact, you're just discreetly removed from their Pending Contacts queue.

People You've Invited

Anyone you've invited will be listed here until you decide to make them a contact or remove them from this queue.

Pending Contacts

If you've requested someone to be a contact, they'll show up here until they decide to add or remove you from their Contacts Request queue.

Your Contacts

Just like it sounds, this is where your contacts will show up.

Posted on 05/26/2008.
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