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How do I delete my project?

At the bottom of your project settings page, you'll see a "Delete this project" button.

You'll only see that button if your project does not have any members. If your project does have members, they'll need to leave the project for you to delete it.

Posted on 05/26/2008.

on 11/29/2008

Can I delete The Sofia showdown project please.


on 01/16/2009

I have a similar request. Need to delete a showdown to start a normal project instead. It's this one: http://www.plotbot.com/showdowns/tri_s_polovinoj/


on 10/01/2010

Please delete my "Gifts" project. I messed it up badly.


on 02/04/2011

It won't let me delete "The Enemy of my Enemy "


on 02/11/2011

Can't find project settings page & "Delete this project" button ... where is it?


on 04/26/2011

How do we delete a showdown project?


on 03/15/2012

I can't seem to find the delete project button.


on 12/31/2013

I created 2 private projects, and I have deleted both of them. When I go to create a project, it says that I have no private projects left and I have to create a public project. Is there any way for me to still create private projects? (I have no interest in restoring my original private projects). Thank you


on 02/15/2014

Are you serious? There is no one here! :/


two years ago

How do you delete a project people?


two years ago

I found it. In Settings you can edit or delete your project.

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