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Does Plotbot own anything I write? — Nope. It’s all yours. We only own the stuff we write ourselves. You can set a copyright for your project when you create it.

on 05/26/2008

Private Projects — By default, Plotbot projects are publicly viewable, and will show up in Project Search. In Project Settings, you can set the participation level of members who join your project, to...

on 12/24/2012

Create a Screenplay — Creating a project in Plotbot is a simple process that walks you through the steps necessary to set the parameters of your screenplay. Let your potential collaborators know all the...

on 11/30/2012

Applying a License to Your Project (Copyright) — All Rights Reserved The copyright of the project is always reserved by the contributors to the project. To reserve all rights to a project, the project creator can explicitly state...

on 04/26/2011