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Typing Flow and Elements — Plotbot wants you to find typing your screenplay to be an easy, intuitive experience. You should be able to type without lifting a hand for your mouse. To this end, Plotbot will...

on 01/08/2013

Changing Elements — Clicking on any element reopens it for you to edit. Any changes you make are saved as a new version of the element. Clicking an element open gives you the option to delete an...

on 06/03/2012

Hey! Why doesn’t my Mac tab correctly while I’m writing? — Macs don't automatically tab between text windows and buttons, which makes the workflow a little more difficult and mouse-heavy, since you'll have to use your mouse to hit Submit....

on 05/26/2008

What browsers does Plotbot work in? — Plotbot has been tested to work effectively in Firefox 2 and 3 for both PC and the Mac, the most recent version of Safari, and IE 6 and 7 for the PC.

on 05/26/2008