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What is Plotbot? — Plotbot is a social screenwriting tool. While Plotbot can be used by single writers to work alone on their projects, Plotbot's features are aimed at encouraging collaborative writing...

on 06/14/2013

Copywriting — Is there any way to ensure my work won't be stolen and used as someone else' work?

two years ago

How do I import my screenplay? — You can import a screenplay from anywhere you've written it. On your project home page, click the "import" link in the right-hand menu. You'll see a textfield where you can paste...

two years ago

Can I import the screenplay I've been working on in another program? — Update: YES. Please read this entry No, not yet. This is something we are working toward. If you'd like to register your support for this feature, please post a reply. You...

on 03/02/2015

How do I refresh my screenplay stats? — It hasn't refreshed in 4 days, despite me logging in and changing many elements since then. Is there a secret to making the screenplay stats refresh?

on 02/15/2015

Transitions — You know, CUT TO:, FADE TO:, JUMP TO: - how do I input a transition?

on 07/29/2013

Collaborating with Plotbot — Plotbot was built with collaboration in mind. Here are some key features to this end: Everything you type is saved As soon as you hit the submit button, your typing is saved. If...

on 07/05/2013

How do I delete my account? — We do not currently have a way for writers to delete their own account, but if you send us your email with your username via a contact message , we'll happily deactivate your...

on 07/03/2013

Your Sandbox — Your sandbox is a private mini-screenplay where you can learn how Plotbot works. It’s the first thing you see when signing up with Plotbot, and walks you through creating the major...

on 06/05/2013

Create a Screenplay — Creating a project in Plotbot is a simple process that walks you through the steps necessary to set the parameters of your screenplay. Let your potential collaborators know all the...

on 11/30/2012

Facebook: connecting your account — You can now log into Plotbot using your Facebook account. If you sign out of Plotbot, when you sign in again you'll see a Facebook button which will allow you to connect your account...

on 05/20/2012

REVERSE — Why is my screenplay writing in reverse? Everytime I type something new, it goes ABOVE the last line instead of below. What is going on?

on 01/21/2012

How do I change my password — If you've forgotten or would like to change your password, follow this link and we'll send you an email that will let you reset it.

on 09/22/2011

Tab key doesn't work on the android Asus transformer — Instead of changing between slugline, action and dialogue, hitting the tab key on the keyboard dock of the Asus Transformer tablet (which is running android) sends me to the comment...

on 08/02/2011

Applying a License to Your Project (Copyright) — All Rights Reserved The copyright of the project is always reserved by the contributors to the project. To reserve all rights to a project, the project creator can explicitly state...

on 04/26/2011

Screenplay Elements — Elements are the individual building blocks of your screenplay, and are broken down into three major types: the slugline, action, and dialogue. Sluglines Sluglines tell you...

on 04/28/2010

Font size — Is there a way to make the font size bigger? I find it's quite a bit smaller than most screenplay font and this could really come in handy for me since I'm using this program for a...

on 03/18/2010

How do I invite a friend to my project? — If your project is private, there are lots of ways to invite your friends. On your project home page, you'll see an "invite URL". Copy that link and send it to your friend however...

on 02/22/2010

How do I join an invitation? — I have been invited to join a screenplay but when i log in i cannot locate where to access the invitation.

on 02/22/2010

title here — message here

on 01/06/2010

So, Anybody Can Join My Project? — We have private and public projects. Private projects can only be viewed or joined by people you invite. If your project isn't private, any registered user of Plotbot can join, but...

on 05/26/2008

How does Plotbot work? — To write your screenplay, you'll need to create a project. You can create or join an existing project at anytime. A project is essentially a mini-site for a screenplay, containing:...

on 05/26/2008

Signing in and out of Plotbot — By default, Plotbot will create a cookie that keeps you signed in on your computer for two weeks. There are Sign Out links in the header and footer of every page for your convenience.

on 05/26/2008