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Ain't that a bitch.
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John enters the house and is all of the faces that he sees. Everyone that he passes stops their conversation and says hi to him. He goes up to someone turned around and taps him on the shoulder. It is John's old friend Joey. He turns around and is shocked to see John. They start talking and while they are talking a beautiful girl walks by and catches his eye. This girl was John's long lost crush, Andrea. Besides the occasional small talk, John never got to talk to her. He didn't talk to her because she was going out with a protective jerk, who never really cared for her, for the majority of high school. Whenever, John got close to Andrea, her boyfriend would intervene. John finishes his conversation with Joey and takes two shots of Rum. After that he follows Andrea into the next room, hoping to find her. He goes into the room and sees no sign of her. As soon as he enters the room a big burly guy yells his name and gives him a huge hug. This man is John's friend Pat, who used to play lacrosse with John. They start reminiscing about lacrosse and John takes two shots of Whiskey With Pat. After this he goes up the stairs in search of Andrea. He enters the kitchen and there is people playing beiruit. He looks around the room and Andrea is across the table. He catches her eyes and they stare at each other for a couple seconds but, it feels like minutes. He says hi and with excitement she comes and starts talking to him. She has a pint of Vodka and they take swigs out of it. After they talk for a couple of minutes John ass her if she would like to play a game of beiruit. She accepts.
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INT. Kyle's house9:00
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"Gz and Hustlas" by Snoop Dogg starts to place and cast is introduced.
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