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Tom Redford is an unpopular High school senior with nothing going for him. now, with only one day left before summer vacation, and his last day at school, he tries to raise his reputation as high as it'll go. but he only has 24 hours to become popular. come join this unusual high school comedy that takes place within one day.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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Kelly sleeps on her bed on the left hand side of the screen. The window is in the center. It is a normal teenage girl's room, with a mirror, Twilight poster on the wall, curling iron and magazines. A figure appears outside her window on a ladder. It is a smiling man. He bounces the ladder to his right to get a better view of her. The shot then goes to his face and we see that he has a perverted smile. He stares at the sleeping woman. He is overweight. He is DANNY, 17 a perverted kid, as you can tell. Kelly turns over to the side, revealing her bare arms and her nightgown. This excites Danny very much. she opens her mouth to yawn. Danny moves his head forward. Shot of Danny's foot as it sits on the ladder. His foot slips and Danny loses control. His hand crashes through the window, waking up Kelly and gashing open Danny's arm causing him to groan. She sees Danny there, halfway in her window, and screams.
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