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Ruby vlogs about her strange new powers.

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doit4scotty added dialogue in "Vlog 2" on 06/06/2014. doit4scotty made 11 other changes. more
I had a conversation with Norah. I asked her about what she did with her... powers, I guess. She said she hasn't done anything with them. She covered them when she got home and that was it. I... guess I didn't really like that. I mean, like, we have these amazing powers and she doesn't even want to do anything with them? That's crazy! We could be heroes! When I stop time, it doesn't effect Norah, and it works the other way around. So, like, we can be a superhero duo and save people and stop crimes. And I told her this, and she was
doit4scotty edited dialogue in "Vlog 1" on 06/06/2014. more
See? Oh, no you didn't. Ugh, that was stupid. Okay, basically, when I click them together, and everything stops for thirty of my seconds, if that makes sense. It's so cool, but it's also kind of freaky.
doit4scotty added dialogue in "Vlog 1" on 06/06/2014. doit4scotty made 5 other changes. more
See? Oh, no you didn't. Ugh, that was stupid. Okay, basically, when I click them together
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i apparently have no idea how this page works so uh gotcha

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