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A wealthy film director is making his next movie but is having writers block from his relationships with his wife, mistress, mother and cant decide what the movie is about. He has picked his actors, his crew and the location but how will he make a movie with no story?

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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Its only five suitcases, cmon I need gowns for when we go out and they take up a lot of space.
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Mr. Raguzzi
Well see sir, I have already gotten my hands on your script and as I told your producer it needs a lot of work. It is horrid. You have no plot, no drive for these characters. The film lacks a problematic or a philosophical premise. You don’t really have a story. You just have 3 characters that will somehow intertwined there lives. Through a few small episodes.
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I was doing much better just a few seconds ago.

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