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Chris vs the world

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anttyc edited an action in "7 o'clock" on 04/18/2011. anttyc made 33 other changes. more
CHRIS makes his way up the elevator to SIMON's apartment
anttyc deleted an action in "Poolside seats" on 04/12/2011. more
The pair charge at each other and continue to fight. Energy glows around the pair as they trade blows. The speed and action escalates to a point where they throw punches at the same time and are separated by the force of the punches causing a pause in the fight.
anttyc edited dialogue in "Full circle" on 04/11/2011. anttyc made 23 other changes. more
University can be a tough place to be cool. The fashion trends, the who’s who, it can all be a little hard to keep up with, so here's me...
anttyc edited an action in "Chris vs. Simon. Round 1. FIGHT" on 04/11/2011. anttyc made 43 other changes. more
CHRIS gets jerked up from the couch and punches SIMON in the face with a quick jab, stunning SIMON
anttyc edited dialogue in "Uh oh" on 04/11/2011. more
Chris(covering his face

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