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Henry landed in a world looks like a box,he finded out that he need to survive from the monsters in 3 hours,but could he survive in 3 hours? or he will die in 2 hours or 1 hours,join this project to help thx

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message from script crea
Thank you guys for reading this script,i'm glad to announce you for a henry series,so if you wanted that,please join this script for support,and anyone who's a pilipino i am a filipino too,kumusta kayo,anyways thank you guys,i'll see you in the next script,byeeeeeeeeeeee
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The clock fast forward to 50 minutes,2 hours
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Charlie turned into a zombie
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*monster groans*
Aemil added dialogue in "Awakes Again" a year ago. more
And i saw a little hole in that CCTV camera,if i can get to it there's gonna be something in it

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