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An oversexed small town stoner wins the lottery and decides to move to New York City to become a famous actor. Only problem is, he has no clue what he's doing. With his drug dealer/manager, and homeless friend/personal assistant by his side, they take the city by storm only to find his fortune can't last forever. Follow the trio as they try to navigate the city, work a series of dehumanizing odd jobs, and do whatever it takes to make it...or actually on second hand, they'll probably just get high and chill instead.

Project Type: Television (30 min)

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BrianBateson edited a slugline in "Scene 9" on 07/21/2012. BrianBateson made 243 other changes. more
INT. int Staircase outside 3W- afternoon
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Brian holds up his iPhone jumping up and down in front of the new house.
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Brian is leaving the restaurant quite obviously so that the manager can see him, but he ignores him, and Brian, confused walks through the door and back outside.

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