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alexak edited dialogue in "EXT.1940 HALL - DAY" on 12/02/2011. alexak made 2 other changes. more
(interrupting excitedly)
Lynn! That sounds like the best thing ever! Lemmie go make some popcorn...ANDI gives LYNN an excited kiss on the cheek before running to make the popcorn. Lynn laughs to herself before setting up the movie and getting into ANDI's bed, who soon snuggles up to her with the bag of popcorn.
alexak inserted an action in "EXT.1940 HALL - DAY" on 11/27/2011. alexak made 17 other changes. more
Cut to ANDI, who has a discouraged look on her face as LYNN walks away. As she turns back to her friends, her phone rings. She gets a text message from Lynn.

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