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Homsar36 added dialogue in "Act II Scene I: EXT WOODS" on 10/02/2012. Homsar36 made 21 other changes. more
Princess Krillin:
(panic washes over her face)
You can't do that! If I spend anymore time here I'll never get this smell out of my dress!
Homsar36 inserted dialogue in "Act I Scene II" on 09/27/2012. Homsar36 made 23 other changes. more
Princess Krillin:
When I want you thoughts on things I'll go out to the swamp and roll in mud with the other ogres!
Homsar36 edited dialogue in "Act I Scene II" on 09/27/2012. Homsar36 made 5 other changes. more
Dear Princess, I hope this letter finds you well. But enough of the pleasantries, you have been allowed to grow up a spoiled rotten, brat who has no regard or respect for anyone else so I have decided to take it upon myself to teach you a lesson. I have taken your parents, worry not, they're quite safe. In order to get them back you must seek me out in my magical lair. It is deep to the south of your kingdom hidden in the Eternal Forest. Be careful though, there are rumors of cut throat bandits swirling around there. Fondly, the Wizard. P.S.
Totorojmo added a comment to 4th 5th VS on 09/26/2012. more
Ohhh I get it. These are 2 scenes. Scene 1 and scene 2. My favorite thing so far is the Wizard and his description. You should have a narrator so we can hear the description of him in the movie!

Clever Critiques signing off.
Homsar36 added dialogue in "Act I Scene II" on 09/25/2012. Homsar36 made 24 other changes. more
Dear Princess,

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