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Starving and desperate for a snack Dustin stumbles into an alleyway where he sees what he thinks is a honey jar labeled "hunny". Dustin runs to the honey jar and hastily sticks his hand into the jar. Once he sticks his hand into the honey jar it gets stuck in the jar and Dustin realizes that there is a poisonous spider in the jar with his hand and it is injecting poison into his blood stream. Panicked and afraid Dustin clumsily searches for a way to get his hand out of the jar. He runs to different locations around the alleyway but he ends up back in the same place he started with no way to get it out. Defeated and with the poisonous getting and closer to reaching the best of his body Dustin exercises his only option: biting his hand off. After successfully eating his own hand off he turns his head and sees a whole chicken with a salad (the whole shabang) right next to him.

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DUSTIN is still sitting in the same position but as he turns his head on the wall to try to reach a more comfortable position he sees an unpleasant sight in the garbage can. A full chicken with a side of salad perfectly preserved. DUSTIN shakes his head and begins to say "Fuck off" as the credits appear. (you never hear him say the F word).
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