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The Hidden Government is about two realms Earth and Beationa. There are portals between these realms. Necelah is from Berationa. She has lived through a terrible dictatorship,which was inseparable with it's army known as, The Power Wanters, desired to rule over the entire realm. On Earth there are children, with special powers from the Great Being, who would be able to stop the rule of the Power Wanters. Knowing this, the dictator searched for the portals, in order to destroy these children. Necelah was sent to Earth to rescue these unique children. Necelah found a portal to Earth, but not before the Power Wanters. Once on Earth's realm, the dictator planned to use his power to take over Earth as he had done in Berationa.

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No offense Gabbie....Nvm but...uh...well....It's not exactly NVM! >.
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(A bright light appears and warriors run out and attack the soldiers)
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Well, he was doing his chores then he screamed and all I found was his hat and a note in it so I tried to call 911, but nobody answered so I tried to call my mom, but mom didn't answer. Wait about two minutes after Jon started to do his chores a got a text it said if you ever want to see your brother again meet me at 5:00 PM sharp.
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