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Cut to next scene.
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Katharine (CONt'd)
Shall we go?
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Cut to Katharine in the field. She is close to the flower (which is starting to wilt). Two clowns skip by from either side and look at Katharine with crazy faces while pointing and laughing hysterically. In back of the clowns is a hula hooper spinning across the screen.
theLer012 edited an action in "Scene 3" two years ago. theLer012 made 15 other changes. more
Cut to Katharine in the field (Her imagination). This time she is a ways away from the flower. (In slow motion) Ribbon dancers cross the screen from either side in front of her as she is walking. Before they exit, a man (dressed in a suit) slow dances across the screen by himself.
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Katharine (V.O.)
My life is like a house... Not the big white house, with a white picket fence and green grass, but rather a small, old house. With weeds and dirt for a yard. The walls faded, and peeling in some places. there's no furniture or electricity. The fence is old, and missing in some places. The windows are cracked, broken, or missing. And the only thing that resembles anything or anyone being there is a flower left on the table.

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