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When four murderous teenagers get the mission to blend in at a high school, their lives get flipped upside down when they have to hide theirselves.

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LittleDestroyer131 added an action in "4th scene" 7 months ago. LittleDestroyer131 made 2 other changes. more
FRANCIS scoffs.
LittleDestroyer131 inserted dialogue in "4th scene" 8 months ago. LittleDestroyer131 made 35 other changes. more
kendyl (con'd)
I'd rather have a perverted chick.
LittleDestroyer131 added an action in "4th scene" 8 months ago. more
Shot of KENDYL.
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francis (v.o.)
Let's head over to Kendyl Morgan. We mistake her as Dracula's daughter a lot since she licks off the blood from her knives after she stabbed somebody. But she is most likely the type to lure boys into bed just to kill them. She is not actually into boys though.
LittleDestroyer131 edited an action in "4th scene" 11 months ago. LittleDestroyer131 made 11 other changes. more
JASON runs off. KENDYL pulls her away from JASON.

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