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The Level of Stars is an artist short film and will tell a story of a degrading relationship and love of a European artist couple working in Middle East and will approach on a personal and intimate level global stories of relationships, fear, beliefs and national boundaries. Thir work is based on a promotional comic book story Raspberry Ice Cream War for young people about a peaceful Europe without borders, published by EU in 1996. The book tells a story of kids who travel back through time to a land where there are still nations and borders.
The project will be filmed in two parts. First part with two young people, a girl and a boy in a desert. This part will be more of fairytale section of the film. The kids will re-cite some lines from the Raspberry Ice Cream war comic book, reflecting questions of human relationships in a global level.
The second partwill be based on a scripted dialogue between the couple acted by professional actors, a man and a woman.

Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

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