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Henry Locket, and ten other children are so humbly invited to partake in the ever mysterious Silhouette Game, with their only hint to be at the northern train station at twelve o'clock midnight sharp, where they are whisked away on a train to the picturesque mansion, Ash-Creek. The Silhouette Game is composed of five events where each person is partnered with the person most important to them, however, Henry doesn't have a partner, instead the name Icarus rings in his head, over and over again. As the days past and the seasons change, the group begins to wonder if this whole ordeal is really for the great reward it promises or if it is merely a pitiful game of revenge, and that each and every one of them may have a connection to the man named Icarus' dark lineage. Based on the novel by young author Jonathan Mosier comes the adaption written by the author himself.

Project Type: Feature Film (Epic)

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