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Ultranoobpwnr added an action in "Act 1 Scene 8 Baseball Stadium Part 1" on 08/25/2012. Ultranoobpwnr made 3 other changes. more
Clapping and cheering is heard in the distance as a small dot of light appears on the screen and the sound gets louder and louder as it comes closer.
Ultranoobpwnr added a new scene titled "Act 1 Scene 8 Baseball Stadium Part 1" on 08/18/2012. Ultranoobpwnr made 29 other changes. more
Ultranoobpwnr added an action in "Act 1 Scene 7 Soldier Rehab Flashback" on 08/17/2012. Ultranoobpwnr made 4 other changes. more
A middle aged man is sitting on a bench in a locker room. Towel over his head, staring at the floor. Everything seems normal until the camera cuts to another view of the man and it reveals that he is missing his left leg.
Ultranoobpwnr added an action in "Opening Quote" on 08/15/2012. Ultranoobpwnr made 24 other changes. more
Fade to black
Ultranoobpwnr added an action in "Act 1 Scene 4 Police Station" on 08/14/2012. Ultranoobpwnr made 15 other changes. more
The camera continues moving until it reaches a closet marked "For Destruction" where the officer enter and places the box upon piles and piles of other boxes all containing cameras.

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