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Quick pitch

gang members, boss

space :bank

A Gang and it's boss are going to the bank, with ammunition.
Boss:Everyone your hands up! Give me one of the guns!
Person1: Help me!
Gang 1: Shut up! Don't talk anyone!
Person1 : Help me!
Gang2: Shut up! (Person 1 dies from a heart attack)
Boss : He had a heart attact! Now get the money
Gang1,2: Hurry up! Hurry up!
Boss: Oh! cute girl, com with us?(Touch her hand, leg,hair)
Girl 1: No! someone help me!
Boss, Gang1,2: Ha Ha! Nobody is going to help you.(touch her hand, leg, hair)
Girl 2 : Stop! The truth is I love you! That girl is garbage!

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