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A murder is committed in a small Western US town. The problem is, the primary murder suspect was hanged five years ago. It is up to a visiting French scientist to find the murderer - but can she do it before she becomes the next victim?

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jotai edited dialogue in "INT. STAGECOACH - DAYTIME" two years ago. jotai made 2 other changes. more
[thick Polish accent] Oh no, that will be quite alright. I do appreciate your offer but the college is simply too far away from the mines. I shall find it much easier to collect and analyze my samples by staying within the town
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anton_eckhart added dialogue in "INT. INN RESTAURANT - NIGHTTIME" on 04/30/2012. anton_eckhart made 17 other changes. more
(makes some personal comment to Molly extremely relevant to the plot that I haven't figured out yet :)
anton_eckhart added dialogue in "INT. MAYNARD'S ROOM. NIGHT TIME" on 04/20/2012. anton_eckhart made 9 other changes. more
You'll get yer money
anton_eckhart edited dialogue in "INT. INN RESTAURANT - NIGHTTIME" on 04/20/2012. more
But I had a theory that maybe it was the chemicals themselves. My cat would react to certain agents even before they were out of the mailing wrappers sometimes. It was a little pet project Molly and I were exploring before she left at the end of the semester.

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