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A heart-wrenching tragedy... reading this will break your heart. Not reading it will constitute you being a loser, so really its your choice.

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Kimberly1410 joined the project! on 05/18/2014. more
Adastophilis edited an action in "The part where they meet Robert's father (its boring)" on 01/08/2009. Adastophilis made 47 other changes. more
Robert jumps off the climbing frame in order to show his excitement in a way visibly easy to notice for the less intelligent members of the audience.
Adastophilis added dialogues in "The part where they enjoy their new relationship (its boring)" on 01/08/2009. Adastophilis made 8 other changes. more
My Dad has been dying to meet you! He's a really great guy, you'll like him.
Adastophilis added an action in "The part where they enjoy their new relationship (its boring)" on 02/19/2008. Adastophilis made 3 other changes. more
Dora and Robert are on a climbing frame, kissing. After a moment, we cut away from them kissing and cut to them talking, since it would have been AAAGES before they stopped kissing.
Adastophilis edited an action in "The first kiss (its boring)" on 02/11/2008. more
Dora silences him as she leans towards Robert and kisses him passionately. Robert is surprised, but he is soon kissing her back. Whatever violin music was playing the background will now be playing louder, and the camera will be rotating around the two like a pervert watching the two kids making out. Its all pretty disturbing. For some reason a choking sound can be heard. Oh wait, thats just me hanging myself.

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