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The story is about a young man in his mid 20's who is fighting to make a life altering decision that could cost him his career and family. We see how his decisions impacts those that he deeply cares about and how they respond to his actions.

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He spots her chatting it up with another guy. Smoothing his hair back we see him approach them both with a COY smile.
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Flashes of dressy clothes. Flashes of HENRY preparing himself. We see his buttoning up his WHITE DRESS shirt. Fastening his cuff links. Brushing off his pants. Sounds of SOCA RIDDIMS playing. CASSIE is swaying to the music getting herself together.
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(in thick Trinidadian accent)
"Boy if you don't wake up and get ready for school you'll be late AGAIN! GET YA ASS UP! I don't care how good your grades are and how many praises you get for it by your teachers... You made the commitment and now you will stick to it to keep off of punishment! HENRY XAVIER PORTER-CORTEZ! Marianne... your... OUR son needs to get it together!"
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(Translation: "Good morning people of D.R.! You are listening to WSRQ 106.9! This is your favorite host, Cristian Llanes! Let's take some song requests right now from some callers! Our first caller, Chrissy would like to hear Xtreme- Te Extrano. So, we will play that song right now! We'll start morning topics right after this! So stay tuned!")
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The inside of the cafe is covered in pictures of student artwork. 90's to early 00's MUSIC is playing in the background. Cassie is sitting at the round table with some friends. They're kinda picking at their lunch catching on the latest entertainment gossip.

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