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This Screen Play is about 2 sisters who has a serious fued for one another. The eldest daughter Tasha cant seem to understand why her youngest sister Keisha does not like her or perhaps "Jealous" of her. They're mother Dianne is a strong, religious woman who in the play has been diagnosed with cancer but has not yet let her children know. After Keshia is found having an affair with her sisters Tasha troubling boyfriend, they soon discover they're mother has now stage 4 cancer they must have strong faith, stay strong, and love, and most of all end the fued. As Tasha feels as this is to much for her to handle at once with her sister and boyfriend having a secret affair, and her mother diagnosed with stage for cancer she doesn't finds closure til her CRAZY FAMILY comes to help out with her sister and teaches them a life lesson about GOD.

Project Type: Television

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Tyler perry #2 a hot mess lol. Great start but I think it's moving a bit too fast we need to get to know the main characters a bit who are they ? What are they like ? Attitude ? You know a little more background info but I like it *sips tea*
tonyraggs edited dialogue in "Tasha sitting alone in the living room crying" on 12/15/2014. tonyraggs made 2 other changes. more
*angry* I feel so sorry for you! if you dont change from your ways your life is going to be hell!
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*smiles* That use to warm my heart, singing my girls to sleep
tonyraggs added dialogue in "Tasha sitting alone in the living room crying" on 05/09/2014. more
*sadden, staring at the ground*How could they do such a thing to me. I trusted malik and out of all people my sister!? how could that be?

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