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lexi3pope02 edited an action in "Scene 4" on 01/13/2014. lexi3pope02 made 23 other changes. more
The National Anthem plays for about 10 seconds. The picture swirls out and is replaced by scrolling edits and "Fin"
lexi3pope02 added a transition in "Scene 4" on 01/09/2014. lexi3pope02 made 3 other changes. more
lexi3pope02 inserted dialogue in "Scene 4" on 01/08/2014. lexi3pope02 made 11 other changes. more
Don't run away! I can kiss and make it better!
nellis edited an action in "This is your first scene." on 01/08/2014. nellis made 2 other changes. more
Flagolai is an American flag with a Russian accent. He acts macho in attempt to hide his loneliness
lexi3pope02 inserted dialogue in "Scene 3" on 01/08/2014. lexi3pope02 made 23 other changes. more
Yeah! That's what you get.

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