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A sixteen year old girl just moved to the bronx growing up with no parents smoking and drinking is her addiction. She then trys to improve her life by doing better in school but then her boyfriend leaves and shes left to take care of a baby. She says she has no choice but to sell her body, because she cant find no way out she cuts her self everyday and has thoughts of suicide but soon met a girl just like her when she is in the most need to help her overcome all this crazyness.

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mcsherry439 added a comment to A teenage girl's struggle on 01/21/2013. more
Good story but it needs to be developed. Ending comes much too quickly. 85
erikaa123 added an action in "This is your first scene." on 01/18/2013. erikaa123 made 33 other changes. more
Jennifer thinks about it at one moment and thinks selling her body is enough.

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