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quinnie45 edited dialogue in "flash paper" on 01/01/2015. quinnie45 made 42 other changes. more
A few weeks ago all of the flash paper bills we had were stolen .... and today we just found them.
quinnie45 edited an action in "academy's battle beings" on 01/01/2015. quinnie45 made 9 other changes. more
FINNE looks out over the bridge
quinnie45 edited an action in "ag and aite" on 01/01/2015. quinnie45 made 17 other changes. more
The group of AITE cheers
quinnie45 edited an action in "cj's plan" on 01/01/2015. quinnie45 made 37 other changes. more
Rebekah the chief of criminal justice finds out that Finance have convinced MR.PAPP to let them have the building after he promised them the building from a AITE leak
9930870 edited dialogue in "cj's plan" on 10/08/2014. 9930870 made 2 other changes. more
we have to get to them before ag does .they usually come in through the gate near popeyes. which is ag terror

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