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Jssmith added an action in "3.A." a year ago. more
The new acting are gathered around in a lounge area, all having a good time, just a little bit tipsy.
Jssmith edited an action in "3.A." a year ago. Jssmith made 3 other changes. more
Cool, Indie bar which is mostly populated with uni aged stundents.
Jssmith edited the scene titled "2.C" a year ago. Jssmith made 2 other changes. more
Jssmith added an action in "3.B" a year ago. Jssmith made 21 other changes. more
He reaches into his bag and pulls our his fake gun. Every body screams and dives toward him.
Jssmith added dialogue in "3.B" a year ago. Jssmith made 4 other changes. more
And now the next order of business, what should our initial casting

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