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Jackson is a handsome seasoned miami detective. Jackson has as many women as he can handle. The 31 year old has never been with one woman fearing the loss of her after his mother was killed by her pimp at the age of sixteen. Sylvia is Jackson longtime co-woker who has been his mentior since his mother died, and to together they make a powerful partnership. When Jackson and Sylvia are ordered to go undercover and investigate a Drug dealing, escort service who is ran by a brutal tyrant named Pete things change. Jackson takes on the mission knowing that he will win, but doesn't count on falling in love with his 28 year old sly,sadistic daughter.

Project Type: Feature Film (An hour)

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You about to see!
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Brian's cell phone rings with Blue J's name scrolled across the screen.
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Than you know this is the right thing to do.
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This nigga aint just a criminal. Blue J
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Get out of my office! Don't you ever come up here again.

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