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Experience a normal everyday morning, afternoon, evening and night of an everyday man living his everyday average joe life. But this average joe happens to live in 'Action Movie Universe' where everything that happens, happens as it would in an action movie.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

This project's owner would like a little help on parts of the project.

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TheGradontron edited an action in "Joe's House" on 01/29/2009. more
Joe, about to look through the letterbox to evil eye his postman, when the postman's forearm clutching a desert eagle also come through the letter box, two round are fired, missing Joe by mire inches. Joe now on all fours like a crab, can't believe his luck, he pushes himself forward onto his feet, and without hesitating, opens the door. He grabs the postman's left shoulder with his right arm, nuts him, then proceeds by grabbing the black-eyed postman's gun arm, forcing it round to face his own stomach. Joe then puts his index finger on top of the postman's index finger, and pulls the trigger once, then again. The postman slouches onto Joe, who exhales. Then without warning, the postman receives another bullet hole to the back. Joe uses the corpse as a shield as the sniper fires another two bullets at Joe. Only to ending up in the postman's lead filled torso. Having seen the flashes of the marksman's rifle, Joe grabs the desert eagle out of the frozen hand, points and shoots. Joe watches as a lifeless body falls like a rag doll from the roof of his neighbours house. Once again Joe's pager goes off. Joe takes a small book out of his back pocket, and flipped through it quickly. Then looked back up at the corpse of the postman.
TheGradontron added a comment to the news entry "Ideas" on 05/11/2008. more
I'd also like to remind peoples that this is a comedy as well as an action story. And to put your story ideas here if you have any.
SmurfJ added a comment to the news entry "Ideas" on 04/19/2008. more
Is it possible that you would let me film this, or even help write? I love the story and concept
SmurfJ joined the project! on 04/18/2008. more
TheGradontron edited an action in "Joe's House" on 03/27/2008. TheGradontron made 22 other changes. more
Joe looks back at his pager, there is a smiley face on it, telling him that he has made an acceptable pun.

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