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The Brownie Chronicles

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R4cj2 edited an action in "Jenna/ Harvey" on 03/29/2009. R4cj2 made 54 other changes. more
The car is loaded and Jenna is driven to school. The car is shown driving up a hill, and the pulls over, shows Jenna hopping out of the car(still with angles only on feet/legs). Low angle showing her go down the little dirt hill, and going onto campus. Through some doors, entering the 100 building.
R4cj2 added an action in "Scene 1" on 03/29/2009. R4cj2 made 1 other comment and 10 other changes. more
Harvey's class bores him and the camera sometimes blurs to show he is drowsy and falling asleep. His teacher calls his name out and he awakes. Later, the bell rings and he rushes to get out of the boring atmosphere. He walks to tutorial, meeting up with JOSH (16), halfway to the class.
R4cj2 edited an action in "Scene 1" on 03/29/2009. R4cj2 made 5 other changes. more
A faint alarm clock is going off. The sound gets louder.

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