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daniel must stop the idoicty of blacks

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agentyork added dialogue in "THE INTRODUCTION" on 12/03/2011. more
jeff chokesondick
hi, I'm jeff chokes on dick and please don't reference me that my name actually sounds like the sentence chokes on dick
(turns 90 degrees to crowd)
anyway, were here at the Michael Jackson trial where a large angry crowd has gathered in response to the accusations against the king of pop
agentyork edited an action in "THE INTRODUCTION" on 11/27/2011. agentyork made 11 other changes. more
CENTER ON the skinny but handsom achor man jeff chokesondick, as the camera films him their is a REC SIGN ON THE LEFT UPPER CORNER, AND A BATTERY LOGO ON THE RIGHT LOWER CORNER, behind him is small crowed of people with signs that are clearly supporting micheal jackson , some say FREE MJ, DON'T BE WHITE NIGGA, MAN FUK YOU MOMMA.
agentyork added dialogue in "This is your first scene." on 11/27/2011. agentyork made 37 other changes. more
nick are you high again

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