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Quick pitch

An accident in Princess Bubblegum's lab creates a toxic gas cloud that poisons everyone that breathes it in; it engulfs the entire Candy Kingdom and it's up to Iron Man, Finn and Jake to figure it out how to stop it.

Project Type: Television (30 min)

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egodfrey72 commented on an action. 7 months ago. more
Hi, you were wondering were this takes place during the show, I figured that it would be in it's own canon.
Malikhi commented on dialogue. 11 months ago. more
Seeing as how the story plot is currently going (in the actual show) how is this supposed to fit in anywhere? We should make a prologue.
egodfrey72 edited dialogue in "The Princess asks for help" 11 months ago. more
What I mean is this cloud will cancel out the effects of this gaseous one and will get rid out it.
egodfrey72 edited an action in "The Princess asks for help" a year ago. egodfrey72 made 18 other changes. more
He activates his replusors in defense and from the gaseous fog, comes some of the unaffected candy people; Iron Man lowers his weapon and breathes a sigh of relief.
egodfrey72 edited dialogue in "The Princess asks for help" a year ago. egodfrey72 made 2 other changes. more
What happened in here?

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