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Ever wondered what a third Timothy Dalton film may have looked like? Did you know that there was a treatment dated May 1990 but was scrapped?

Most of the story remains the same but with some of my own ideas and elements from the novels woven into it. The roles of the Bond girls have switched (Mi Wai being the main girl) and a lot of inspiration has been drawn from the Arnold Schwarzenegger Bond-style epic "True Lies". I've watched a lot of action films around the '90/'91/'92 marker to get the feel of how big budget and low budget films were accepted. The robotics have been toned down and the Terminator-style cyborg Bond girl has been replaced with a traditional femme fatale. The story also focuses more on the revenge subplot rather than the handover of Hong Kong from the original script. Lastly, I have changed the names of some characters because I preferred them.

I am not a professional writer, and all this may seem crap to some of you. To be honest, it's just something I did for fun. However, I do welcome any feedback you have and I might take it into consideration in writing another draft.

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