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After a bomb deployed in World War III doesn't detonate, it starts leaking radiation, wreaking havoc on not only the environment, but the people as well. The ones unfortunate enough to be caught outside after the initial shock wave of radiation swept through the world, were the ones that were wiped clean from the face of the Earth. The Survivors now must make it on their own, finding others like them, grouping together, and making their way to new places for things like supplies, water, or food.
Throughout this story, watch as a group of some misguided, parent-free, challenged teenagers go through this new world. They gain experiences through each other that they could never imagine having in the world as it was before. Follow them on their adventure through gut-wrenching heartbreak, denial, happiness, friendship, and betrayal.

Project Type: Short Film (An hour)

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Rhona (CONT'D)
You'd always make me promise things.
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It's getting early. Why don't you get some sleep? Wake Smitty for his round
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At a quick glance, the dialogue is unrealistic. Especially without parents, they would take on more adult characteristics. This means swearing, among other things.

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