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An elderly English Teacher mourning the death of his wife, a Senior with poor social skills, and a Freshman who hates people, find odd friendship amongst each other.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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pendergraftalex504 added dialogue in "Distant" on 11/29/2014. pendergraftalex504 made 4 other changes. more
I don't want to start something. SO I'm gonna stop there.
pendergraftalex504 deleted dialogue in "Abandonment" on 11/28/2014. pendergraftalex504 made 9 other changes. more
Macy (CONT'D)
And I am your host. Macy. And I bring word that the gods above have shined down on our operation, and have presented us a mighty pack of beer. We depart in five minutes.
pendergraftalex504 deleted dialogue in "Mr. Baker's House" on 11/24/2014. pendergraftalex504 made 26 other changes. more
I really don't know to be honest.
pendergraftalex504 edited dialogue in "Distant" on 11/23/2014. pendergraftalex504 made 13 other changes. more
My point is I'm your mother. I'm supposed to worry about you.
pendergraftalex504 edited dialogue in "Return to Prison" on 11/19/2014. pendergraftalex504 made 41 other changes. more
Well I'm going to go back to my house, and sleep.

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