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Its A simple minded short Action chase / fight scene between these two Agents, there is not dialogue between these two just action.

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GlitchyMedia added an action in "The Intro" a year ago. GlitchyMedia made 3 other changes. more
My Logo and Channel Name pops up for a moment than the background starts fading to the left causing Motion blur as it fades out into the first scene a blurred moving background the camera catches up and focuses onto a bullet that Agent15 just fired. the Camera follows the bullet thru the Air until it hits the Vehicle, then cuts to Agent15 running.
GlitchyMedia added an action in "The End" a year ago. GlitchyMedia made 19 other changes. more
the bullet shell flew out, zooming in in that, everything is in freeze frame, we followed threw the open fire in slow motion/frozen frame. giving the names of the people involved/end credits
GlitchyMedia added an action in "The End" a year ago. GlitchyMedia made 12 other changes. more
Freezes Frame on BTS footage of Actors, Staring as Agents15 and Agent48
GlitchyMedia added an action in "The Gun Fight." a year ago. GlitchyMedia made 32 other changes. more
Agent48 charges forward with the knife and goes to slash the other agent, but Agent15 is much to quick and dodges the attacks.

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