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So the case of the skunk was finally cracked. Hank had his scent glands removed, closing the time-travel portal forever. Skunkdusa was exiled to China to rot for all of eternity. The teletubbies now rest comfortably at their retirement home, eating tapioca pudding and reminiscing on old times. Bert and Leigh went on to college and became the CIA's first brother-sister detective duo. I could go on forever about the story of Leigh and Bert, but as they say, ain't nobody got time for that!
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Phillotson puts his hands over his ears and Arabella begins to tap her feet and smile. Bert and Leigh notice Arabella's enjoyment and change the station. The Arctic Monkey's song "Arabella" begins to play, and Arabella gleams. Bert and Leigh exchange glances and decide to turn to radio off. They drive in silence. Suddenly, MARIE, a 30 year old French woman from The Stranger, appears in the back seat.
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Don't remind me. We couldn't step foot in Homer Junior High for weeks. I don't know what wing nut would think bringing a skunk in for a school assembly would be safe or even remotely entertaining.
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We don't need to talk about that. No need to upset you ladies with her foul gestures.

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