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Coach who doesnt quite know how to motivate his athlete

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Brad sprints out screaming and pounding his head with both fist and coach just stands watching him leave with a huge boner! (if character playing coach can get erect)
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so what you are a little huskier on the tights than those two
(rubbing legs still)
maybe you could have cut back on the kfc last week but whats done is done.
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your right, your right. You know when i was your age i made every mistake a boy could make I meddled around with every women and man i could get my hand on.. i was in a real dark place and all signs lead the wrong way,but then one day there he was on tv my hero magic johnson. Do you have a hero brad?
( before he can answer)
5 x world champion telling the world that he fought and he fought and won the biggest challenge of them all. So you know what i say to myself?
(before brad can answer again)
If he can do it i can do it, so i fought and fought and im still fighting today
( brad uncomfortable scoots over)
so brad what im saying is you got what it takes to beat those french putans..

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