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We convinced ourselves that we would’ve included her if only she had spoken up. We were supposed to be good, friendly people. We weren’t intentionally cruel or hurtful. It was Alice’s fault for being quiet and weird and smelling bad. She was the one who had alienated us. She brought this on herself.
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The video of ALICE moves in and out of focus, becoming completely blurred then becoming clear, almost as if the camera itself is becoming unstable.
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ALICE, KAITLYN, and CALVIN are all silent. KAITLYN and CALVIN look out into the audience, while ALICE still has her head turned towards CALVIN. A sad smile teases the edges of her mouth, and her lipstick is perfectly applied. The three of them stay like this for a few moments, the video of the underwater light still playing, although the image is getting brighter and blurrier. The video becomes bright enough that all we see is white light, then everything slowly fades to black. End scene.
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calvin (CONT'D)
And she just smiled at me and said she was fine. That was it. It wasn't some big deep conversation. Just, "I'm fine," then she walked away. Her bowling shoes kind of squeaked a bit on the tiles--this was another thing she got made fun of for. I wanted to follow her, but I didn't. We weren't friends. We barely knew each other. The only time I had ever spent time with her was when we got paired together for a science project in eighth grade. I had to go to her house and everything which was kind of weird. Oliver had been ripping on me all week because of it but it's not like there was anything I could do about it. Chris Terraman had already told our teacher that he wouldn't work with her, so that's how she got assigned to me. I wasn't going to be the second person in a row to reject her, especially for something as dumb as one project.

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