1. Scene 1: Farm Fields, Small Town, From Passenger Seat of Vehicle

Narrator: Carbon Creek, Alberta was a quiet little town. Families lived there because of the quiet. Old folks lived there because of the reasonable property tax rates. It was a farm town, built out of the soil of the settlers of bygone days, and held together with bailing wire, twine, and an old can of grease left over from the homestead.

Crime was nearly non-existent in Carbon Creek. People said you could leave a one hundred dollar bill on the sidewalk, go to the Golden Dragon Lunch Counter for your dinner, and return an hour later: the hundred dollars would be there....with interest. Many claimed that Carbon Creek was the best town in North America, others, claimed there was no town near as perfect on the planet, in the universe, for that matter.

But on a warm August evening, all of that was about to change. For a town where a stray gopher sneezing drew a small crowd, claims of a supernatural nature threatened the very safety of the small town's gingham fabric.

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2. Scene 2: Stock Footage, Alien/UFO sightings

Hokey bumpkin music, narrator giving background to history of alien sightings. Filled with stills of obviously hand drawn charts of ufo sightings of the ancients. UFO sightings of Gallileo. UFO sightings of Einstein, and finally, of average everyday people in small town Canada.

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