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nickcapriola inserted an action in "Lake Michigan" on 06/26/2014. nickcapriola made 49 other changes. more
Vernon pulls back his jacket to reveal the book tucked under his arm. Ali laughs even more.
nickcapriola added an action in "Lake Michigan" on 06/25/2014. nickcapriola made 26 other changes. more
She puts the record back in the crate, and puts the crate behind the counter.
nickcapriola edited an action in "Lake Michigan" on 06/24/2014. nickcapriola made 76 other changes. more
Elaine makes an exaggerated look upwards. Ali and Vernon turn to see what she is looking at; a security camera pointed at the entrance, with a sign reading 'SMILE, YOU'RE ON CAMERA' next to it. Elaine stares at Ali and Vernon as they walk off.
nickcapriola added dialogue in "This is your first scene." on 06/23/2014. nickcapriola made 42 other changes. more
I tried it first at a party when i was in high school. I had smoked weed an all before, but this felt like something else.

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