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18 year-old Ivy hosts a sleepover with 4 friends at her house when her parents go away. The friends end up having an eventful night not involving much sleep at all.

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How's college? I don't really see you around.
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A clock reads 7:51. Ivy, 17-years-old, is sat on her bed, on her laptop playing the song Haim - Falling. She stands up and puts on a jumper. There is a knock at the door and Ivy leaves her room to answer, dancing as she does.
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Jen enters Ivy's room, dancing along to the song. Becks follows, sits on Ivy's bed and goes on Ivy's laptop, singing along. Jen sits on the bed too.
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We have GOT to go to... you-know-where!
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Ivy checks her phone and the time reads 10:04.

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