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Clonerealzac added an action in "Downtown/ Victory Park Scene" on 01/06/2014. Clonerealzac made 8 other changes. more
Chase cuts her off and kisses her in the middle of her sentence. Hit man see's them afar. Drives up, shines headlights at Chase and Amity. Chase looks up.
Clonerealzac added an action in "Squeegee's Print Shop, Meet Scene" on 01/05/2014. Clonerealzac made 109 other changes. more
Scene cuts out at the smile of Amity and maybe Trace.
Clonerealzac added an action in "Chase's huge estate" on 01/05/2014. Clonerealzac made 49 other changes. more
Chase and Amity share their first kiss as the camera pans back up to the lights.
Clonerealzac added dialogue in "Chase's huge estate" on 01/05/2014. Clonerealzac made 18 other changes. more
REALLY? I used to come out here every day to the water and just paint what I see.
Clonerealzac added dialogue in "Amity's House" on 01/05/2014. Clonerealzac made 7 other changes. more

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