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child abuse

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INT. sophie comes on stage and starts screaming at a doll, as sophie is yelling on the projector it starts off by saying 'you worthless piece of shit' gradually turning into something like 'thsi rtleshswo fo ouy cpeie'
NagleDramaFest edited a slugline in "scene 4" on 05/27/2010. NagleDramaFest made 3 other changes. more
INT. music starts playing-heres where i stand. everyone sitting around a table (the black box) all happy and over exagerated, chatting to eachother. ryohei sitting at the end facing the audience with a blank face and his mouth looking like it has been sewn up. hilary is standing behind ryohei talking about how his mum is starving him and sewed up his mouth so he couldnt eat
NagleDramaFest edited a slugline in "scene 5" on 05/25/2010. NagleDramaFest made 28 other changes. more
INT. blackout while all of us are spread across stage with a lighter showing our faces

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