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A couple sees each other for the first time in months since their last break up, emotions flutter and memories spark.

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The camera is set at the heels of a woman who is walking down on a sidewalk along shopping stores. Unknowingly she drops something out of her pocket. Quickly a man retrieves it. Hands are only seen at this moment face. The man looks for the person who the item belongs to and notices it was the women in front of him. He jogs ups to The woman and taps her on the shoulders. The woman's face is revealed; its Amy. The man shows Amy the item and the camera reveals his face; its Chase. The camera shows both Amy and Chase smiling at each other.
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Closeup on Amy as the dolly zooms out to an over the shoulder shot of Chase as Amy turns around slowly, still in a daze, to make the Ice Cream. As shes walking to the machines, Chase is blurred in the back ground and Amy has a stressed look on her face. Slowly as the dolly follows her out Amy reaches to her chest and touches her neck gingerly as if a necklace is there.

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