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A collection of sketches, scenes and miniscule one acts concerning two gentleman and possibly a shrew.

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ectocranial edited an action in "ACT I - SCENE I" on 12/29/2011. more
A single warm spot light shines DOWN CENTER on TODD, who is sitting alone on the park bench. There is a old cloth messenger bag thrown to one side of the bench. This bag should be lumpy, old, tattered, and under no circumstances should this bag be appealing in any way to a passer-by. The bag is kind of disgusting and should be spotted with stains from the time that someone had spilled something ghastly on it. TODD is not paying any attention to his beloved bag and instead his attentions are diverted into focusing on fiddling with this fascinating thing he found on the sidewalk. I'm sure by now you'll come to terms that TODD is not a fussy person and he holds fascinations with things that most would consider unseemly. Unlike other unseemly invalids, TODD is able to function within society and has some sort of otherworldly awareness of something else. I don't know what the otherworldy awareness is and don't bother asking because... Shut up.
ectocranial inserted dialogue in "ACT I - SCENE I" on 10/23/2011. ectocranial made 13 other changes. more
So... Are we supposed to be going somewhere today?
ectocranial added dialogue in "ACT I - SCENE III" on 10/23/2011. ectocranial made 35 other changes. more
How do you know?
ectocranial edited dialogue in "ACT I - SCENE I" on 10/22/2011. ectocranial made 6 other changes. more
[mutters incoherently to himself; phrases like 'potential girlfriend material' and 'stupid hair' and something about 'I Ran
(So Far Away' are suggested, but it could be anything. Up to the Actor, I suppose. I'd like it if took the suggestions though...]
ectocranial added an action in "ACT I - SCENE I" on 10/22/2011. ectocranial made 4 other changes. more
GEORGE snaps out his funk as if he hadn't annoyed himself into a muttering mess.

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