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(internal narration)
There was no way I was going to get two bodies out of there. I didn't have enough shower curtains. So I decided I would risk it. Have George help me get Joe out of the city and shoot em' when they were both at the edge of Bradford lake.
NickMerrill edited dialogue in "This is your first scene." on 05/03/2010. NickMerrill made 3 other changes. more
Barret (cont'd)
Well Joe must have gotten himself into something.
You could tell he was afraid. You're a real friend George. You didn't need to help me.
NickMerrill edited dialogue in "This is your first scene." on 05/03/2010. more
(internal narration)
We've been sitting in Joe's BMW for a few hours. George's mostly kept quiet, some small talk here and there. I've had to tell him what happened half a dozen times. I know he believes me now. Won't be much longer. I wish he would stop checking his watch so much. I know he's just nervous. Joe's not nervous. He's in the trunk wrapped in two shower curtains.
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Opens on the watch George is wearing on his right hand. Barret and George are sitting in a expensive looking car. Both are in there early 30's. George is in a nice jacket and holding a cigarette. Barret is wearing sunglasses with his arms crossed. George is in the drivers seat. Barret is on the passengers side. The car is parked among some trees near Bradford Lake and the sun is setting.
NickMerrill inserted dialogue in "This is your first scene." on 03/16/2010. NickMerrill made 33 other changes. more
(calm sarcasm)
Really you had me going for a while. See the thing is, I happened to notice something. There was no blood on the God damn wall or the floor Barret.
So unless you just happened to hang shower curtains in your foyer for kicks and giggles, one might just think were ex-pect-ing to kill someone.

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